Friday, December 02, 2005

wish they burn in the goblet of fire

i watched "harry potter and the goblet of fire" a few nights ago. although i must admit that i'm not a harry potter fan (i've not read a single book), i enjoyed the movie's visuals. problem was the people we were in the movie theater with. a group walked into the theater after the movie had started. it was hard not to notice their entrance because they were making so much noise - laughing, talking at the same time. they kept it up throughout the movie. one even raised his/her cellphone to take videos of what's on screen. clearly against the rules but still, no one complained. the other people in the theater tried to ignore them, quite successfully i must say up until the rowdy group played catch and hide and seek inside the moviehouse. they were running around, ducking behind seats, giggling, laughing, calling out to each other... crazies!

and we thought those who do not have the decency to turn their cellphones to silent mode inside a moviehouse were irritating...