Sunday, August 07, 2005

the curse of my xda

i'm no techie though i'm fascinated with gadgets. i love exploring the functions of high-tech gadgets though often times, i have no idea how these functions are carried out. who cares what wires transmit what orders to what part of the gadget for it to work. as long as it works.

one gadget i rely on heavily is my xda. the first 7 months, it was really an item of wonder for me - it made my life easier. i could text, make phone calls, take pictures and videos, send and receive e-mails, etc etc. all on only one gadget. writing my scripts was so much more convenient with the xda - especially with the infrared-driven keyboard that came with the unit.

so when it crashed for the first time, i felt so helpless. where now are my contacts, my precious photos and videos? some of the data, i wasnt able to sync with the pc. darn...

then after a few months, it crashed again.

then again.

and again tonight.

on its own.

i'd flip the leather casing open and the dreaded phrase was on the screen in all its blue then orange glory - welcome. tap screen to start. gggrrrr!!!!

i swear, my xda has a mind of its own. it takes vacations and days off when it feels like it. without any warning, i'd lose all my data. thanks to the permanent save feature, i'm able to recover my contacts. but the photos... the videos... my kids with dora the explorer. with jollibee. with the butterflies at the butterfly farm somewhere near katipunan. lost. all lost.

aside from syncing with the pc, my only alternative now is to buy another storage card. and it doesnt come cheap. i just hope it wont be corrupted, like k's storage card.

makes me wonder. do gadgets become senile over time? or do they crash on purpose to get even with their owners for subjecting them to 24-hours of torture everyday?