Friday, August 05, 2005


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yahoo! just won my latest debate with jtm and it was without much effort.

debate no. 3 isnt a new topic - we're on it everyday. every single day that jtm tortures himself by keeping his distance and contents himself with admiring crushie from afar. and crushie here is not just one person - there's 4th floor, rocker, kapatid ni kuya... etc, etc. he whines and he pines but that's all he does. when they cross paths, he doesnt even make eye contact. and when crushie has walked past us, he'd say something like - dapat binati ko siya no. haaayyy... mahirap mag-nanay sa anak na pasaway.

sabagay, marami namang tulad ni jtm na natatameme pag nandiyan na sa harap niya si crushie. whether crushie knows or not that jtm is admiring crushie from afar, pag nakita na siya ni jtm, jtm folds up like makahiya and acts like a grade 4 child who has no concept whatever of crush or love or infatuation. pa-deadma! pero pag-alis ni crushie, kung anu-anong sinasabi.

and then jtm comes up with this brilliant idea - why dont we sign an agreement and make this debate thing a race to 10. whoever loses treats the other at a nearby cafe.

we shake hands and now, the race is on!

the score stands at:
tinapa - 2
jtm - 1