Thursday, August 04, 2005

no shi*!

i was shocked when i read fried neurons' most recent blog entry. just a few days ago, i wrote a story about countries with a parliamentary form of government. india is one of them. and while researching the story, i learned india is now the top 10 economy in the world.

so when i followed the link from fried neurons' blog, images of poop kept popping up in my head. poop on the railroad tracks, on the road, everywhere. (hope the same images are now popping up in your head - so that i dont have to be the only one to suffer.) and i couldnt reconcile these images with the fact that india is just 9 rankings away from the united states on the list of top world economies.

the philippines is india's top competitor in the IT industry. maybe this is an argument that our government can use to encourage investors to come here instead. (hehe!) the philippines may not be on the said list but i dont see filipinos doing their thing out in the open. even in remote provinces, every house has a bathroom. kahit sa bukid, na walang papel.