Saturday, June 04, 2005

"who stopped the rain?"

the soles of my feet hurt. i drove from the condo in batasan hills to gma under the heavy downpour that affected many motorists this saturday.
i drive barefoot, hence the pain. and my clutch needs about 100,000 pounds of force for it to work. although the condo was very near the office, the drive took over an hour because of many flooded areas along the way. what made me more tense was my gas gauge. the needle was slowly inching towards the red line as the drive took longer and longer.
i DEFINITELY hate the rain!


Anonymous said...

forever akong huli sa balita. anyway, congrats at may condo ka na malapit sa work. lapit din sa bahay namin! puntahan kita when i i'm in town ha?!

tinapa said...

winnie, actually, pinapaganda pa namin. basics lang nilagay ng developer. we might move in later this month. para less gastos. may binabayaran pa akong apartment ngayon.
i still want to have a house and lot pero balak namin, bandang rizal na. pang-weekend ba. naks!
siyempre, punta ka. anytime! pati si tita norma, welcome anytime. malapit din yung condo kay tito dante, younger brod ni orig (nanay ko).