Thursday, June 02, 2005

coming out

one of the more memorable moments of our team building was when j disclosed his gender identity (tama ba, kaloy and isao, ang paggamit ng term?). he spoke in codes but only those who didn't know his sexual preference or his gender identity failed to understand his message.
it wasn't only my friend who was "liberated" but also us who knew. many of the people at work had an idea about the "real" him but couldn't really confirm it from anybody. so a few of us, to whom j "came out", knew for sure. but whenever we'd talk in the gazebo or in the canteen or in the front lobby, we have to always remember to speak in hushed tones whenever "this topic" or topics related to "it" was being discussed. j would shush us if we spoke a little over 1/2 decibel. sometimes, we'd have to think of a girl's name that we can use as a code for his crush. it was hard. it was even harder when people would ask us.
now that j is out, we, his friends, have also been "liberated."


fried-neurons said...

heheh. nice, huh? yung concept na if someone comes out to you but doesn't want to be out to everyone else, YOU end up being in a closet of your own. :)

gender identity = "i am a man trapped in a woman's body", or "i am a man in a man's body"

sexual orientation = "i am a man and i am attracted to women" or "i am a woman and i am attracted to other women"


tinapa said...

well, lahat naman tayo, may kanya-kanyang closet na tinataguan. iba-iba nga lang ang laman o tinatago.
gender identity and sexual preference - clearer now.
so, na-burn mo na? hehe! third world pa rin ako.

Overratedbitch said...

parang noselift ko yang J na yan.

hay naku, ang mga vokvok, dumarami, wiz naman have ng bahay bata for more procreation. i think it's really the chlorine in our nawasa water. etchos!

but i'm very happy for J. it's a very liberating experience to have everyone know of your true identity. sabi nga nila, "always tell the truth, if you don't like to remember things".

i tried calling you, but your number that time was out of commission (minsan naman unattended).

anyway, magkita talaga tayo minsan! :D