Wednesday, June 01, 2005

good MORAL and written communication skill - ANO RAW?

it's been days since our team building seminar in clark but people continue to talk about it. there were so many funny moments, esp with assistant cameraman jonathan palisoc. we were all asked to think of adjectives using the letters of our first name. jonathan volunteered and this was how he described himself.
J - ust (ah ok. corners of lips start turning upward)
O - thers (hagikhikan)
N - ow (no attempt to tone down laughter)
A - lways (gas pain... gas pain...)
T - houghtful (ayun naman...)
H - umble (we're getting there...)
A - nd (oops! sablay ulit)
N - ice (nice... very nice!)

jonathan was the same guy who said he and his groupmates value GOOD MORAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SKILLS. ano raw? so he explained. "mam, minsan sa coverage, walang reporter. kaya yung mga assistant, dapat may GOOD MORAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SKILL para masusulat nila yung storya at makakapag-summary sa desk. PALAKPAKAN, pati mga boss.

may revelations din para sa akin. more people thought of me as mabait, nice, ok, fun than those who said i was mataray. guess this proves my earlier blog that i have mellowed down. :) i was even joking all throughout the exercise that there should be 53 different words for "mataray" so that all the participants would have their own mataray synonym to use for me.

also, the adjectives i used to describe my colleagues were all positive. there were one or 2 people who received a somewhat-negative comment from me but only after i enumerated 2 or 3 good ones. and they didnt take it the wrong way. they also knew the comments came from me. i made sure they knew.

well, saturday night was fellowship night but we broke up in groups - depende sa trip nang gabing yun. in between checking scripts for flash report special edition (siyempre, trabaho pa rin di ba?), i joined some of the girls who decided to hold a mini-concert in the hotel lounge. nawalan ng career ang kawawang lounge singer. haha! and the people stayed til after our "set." hehe!

the only thing that was lacking, at least for me, during the team building seminar was my chance to smoke. still hadnt recovered from my asthma attack then.

o well....


Overratedbitch said...

una, salamat sa comment sa last entry ko. friends who are sensitive to our particular situation makes the "fight" worth the hassle.

secondly, wa na sa pagsuba! harshness yan sa health.

ay, sana ma-meet ko si jonathan palisoc! papagawan ko ng mnemonic ang czechoslovakia (na divided na into two countries ngayon) o kaya ang state of mississippi! pero parang mas magulong tandaan ng J-O-N-A-T-H-A-N sa ginawa nya e.

kelan pala tayo magkikita-kita? kapag nagpatawag uli si SB ng party, i'll be sure to buzz you!

yun lang po, bow.

Kaytee said...

hey tinapa! sino ba yang si Jonathan-- nakakatawa ha... para akong baliw dito sa office tawa ng tawa...

tinapa said...

cathy, assistant cameraman siya sa office. di mo na siya na-encounter ata. di ba hilarious?!