Sunday, June 05, 2005


metro manila is notorious for this. it's one of the reasons why i have (quite successfully, i'd say) avoided driving to and from the office for the past month or so. i'd see the old gate but i'd get to it after 20 or so minutes. by then, i'd be late. i'd still time in coz i hate getting those memos from hrd.
i had warned jem, our newsdesk person who's my daily tracker, that if i sounded irritated or was masungit in the mornings, chances are i drove to work that morning. that's also one of the reasons why i don't want to drive anymore. it brings out the monster in me. and it ruins my entire day.
well, this afternoon, i had no choice bu to drive my daughters to the mall. i had to buy gab a pair of school shoes and we had to do some grocery shopping for their baon. i spent close to an hour trying to get into the mall parking area. inside the mall, it felt like all the residents of quezon city were there, doing last minute shopping for tomorrow's school opening. i snapped at the cashier who wanted to punch the items of the person behind me before she punched mine. i wonder how she'd feel if i punched her in the face? then i snapped at an employee of the supermarket for pushing us out of her way. bastos! victim number 3 was a kid who made a punching stance at my daughters. kung hindi lang bata yun... naku!
getting out of the mall was another ordeal. traffic ulit! cars were bumper to bumper going down from the multi-level parking space. tama ba yun?!


fried-neurons said...

hahaha. sungit!

but i understand. i hate traffic as well, and the only reason i don't get as masungit as you is that traffic here is never as bad as traffic in metro manila. nung umuwi ako for our reunion i was SHOCKED at how bad it had gotten. it took over an hour to get to greenbelt from greenhills! but then again this was around christmas so maybe that wasn't normal. ewan natin!!! TRAFFIC SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

just wondering, did you also have PMS and a bad hair day? heheheh...

tinapa said...

pms, only slightly. bad hair day, rarely as we have a makeup artist who does our hair. hehe!