Thursday, June 09, 2005

walang kamatayang mga tanong

1.Song playing at the moment?
none. i can hear our abs monitor and the various stories being edited in the editing bays.

2.One reason for living?
actually, 2. alex and gabby.

3.Do u think your partner is sexy?

4.Ever donated blood?
wanted to once, for my daughter, but the doctor didn't approve me as a donor. forgot why.

5. Fave color/s?

6. Accessories you usually wear?
watch, rings, bracelet, earrings and the necklace alex made for me for my birthday

7. One song to describe a heartbreak in the past?
letting love go by ebtg

8. Last place you went??

9. Last person who disappointed you?
a trainee-writer who passed the application test with great scores but couldn't actually write.

10. The most boring sport?

11. Ever had a baby?
duh! alex and gabby

12. The funniest movie you watched in the past week?
i dont get to watch movies. don't have the time.

13. Any piercings or tattoo?
piercings for earrings. normal stuff.

14.most romantic gift?
bunch of flowers. bong always surprises me with them.

15.Sang on stage before?
yup. twice with parliament syndicate. naks!

16.Struck by lightning before?
wish ko never!

17.Danced with your loved one before?

18.Ever wished you could turn back time?
"if only i could turn back time, if only i had said what i still hide..."

19.What would you do if you woke up one day to find yourself to be someone from the opposite sex?
would live for a day to see how men live, feel and think

20.One song that's meaningful to you?
state of art by friends again. "was she something worth loving? she was all that and more."

21.Last person you met?
ruth. we talked in the gazebo.

22.What will you be doing tomorrow?
working on 2 stories

23.One thing you totally regretted doing?
raised my voice at my dad once and hit the hood of the car with my 2-way radio. apologized profusely to him. never done it again. never will. i suffered from it emotionally.

24..Do people like you?
those who understand and know the real me, do. but those who don't are afraid of me.

26.What was the last game you played on the computer?
bejeweled, i think. over the weekend.

27.Someone who means a lot to you at the moment?
alex and gabby. of course, pati si bong.

29. Do you hate someone at the moment?
yup, 3 actually.

30. What do you wish?
to visit ej in the states again

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