Friday, June 10, 2005

of personal interests and tainted statements

the newsroom was abuzz this afternoon. everyone was glued to the tv sets as we waited for the presscon of the alleged source of the wiretap cd's to begin. but when samuel ong introduced himself as the deputy director of the nbi, i immediately asked our nbi reporter for his background. turns out he was bypassed for wycoco. because he was disgruntled, he allegedly helped sen lacson with the jose pidal expose. when wycoco found out, ong was transferred to an unimportant post in some province. what he sed next, i don't know. i lost all interest in what he had to say. a disgruntled official with an axe to grind and with questionable loyalties doesn't deserve my time and attention.
isa pa, he wasn't the one who conducted the wiretapping. he was handed the tapes - copies of the wiretapped conversation.
before the presscon began, rez cortez was seated beside ong. later on, he turned invisible. sobrang litaw na litaw naman ang kulay. someone must have noticed and ordered rez cortez to leave.
i'm not one to defend the president. anyone who ever caught my reports when i was still covering the palace should know me better. but what alternatives to pgma do we have? noli? whoa! then this country is indeed cursed.
marching to edsa may be our right but that right has been overused and abused. it trivializes the real fight the filipino people put up against the dictator and later, against the corrupt president.
while some of my colleagues are worrying about having their days off this weekend cancelled and losing their chance to gimmick tonight, i am worrying about the future of my 2 daughters.


Anonymous said...

hela there sistah! this is my first time ever to post a comment in your blog, excuse me for what i have to say. [or rather, thank me?]

say what, u've got a burst of energy writing your posts here, i admire them so much. Really.

And as for your daughters, u've got every reason to worry about their future correct, but curiosity will have you questioning someone's motives. But have u not realized na pare-pareho lang naman "sila" lahat?

Be sensible on what u can expect from them, keep it to the minimum, coz mahirap mag-expect ng too much.

But well, i know for reasons that it's part of your job. So just express your inner self in your surroundings as this can make you feel more at home in your work place.

i wanted to be an anchorwoman, my greatest dream. But ended as a Nurse. Well i guess it's all more worthy now.

take care sistah!
hope u could drop by visit my house just across the street. I mean, silip ka rin sa blog ko ha :-)

have a nice day, mwaahzz! :-)

Overratedbitch said...

seriously, at first, akala ko talagang this is it! this is really is it, is it?! pero goodness, this man reeks of too much bitterness! wrong na wrong ang kanyang tactical offensive moves!

i went to Alas's house last night (hindi yung iniisip mo, lukaret). na-bokot ako uli, kasi may checkpoint sa new manila! i thought, "anuitu?!!?

do you think na-kuryente sina Jamby at Sergs? (is "kuryente" the right term?) diba umatak sila sa san carlos seminary last night?

hay, sis! kawawa talaga ang future ng mga bata. buti nga yung daughter and son ko, hindi pa pinapanganak (etchos!).

on lighter note, naiinis ako ha! first time in years kong lumabas on Sunday with this boylet, and this is what happens? minsan na nga lang ako aalembong, eh! okrayin ba ang potentials ng labalayp ko?!!? ihm!

no to military junta! no to coup!


nako ha!

issey! corrected by mother earth yang chika! no to coup! at no to NOLI D. hahaha . (bitter?)

anung exena ni rez cortez donchie?


anyway, ms. tinapaperez, gwabe you're "the" mom.

sana ganyan rin ang jinijisip ng mudarakis kez.


fly na lang tayong lahat sa fiji!

Anonymous said...

If the tapes are authentic then it does not matter where they came from, gloria should resign. So Noli will succeed herr? So what. That's what our constitution says and we live or die by it

tinapa said...

naomi, thanks for visiting.

issey, tense ba ang alas? mukha namang solid sila e. may pa-dinner-dinner pa.

bernz, i'm sure concerned ang mom mo sa yo.

anon, wish you'd leave your name. you've got a point there though. but if noli would succeed pgma, don't you think there'd be more unrest? from the inner circle? may mga grupong nakapaligid sa pangulo na iba lumaro. i'm sure alam mo ibig sabihin ko.

YupkiGirl said...

Mare, Tita sent me an SMS at the time this Ong was having his presser with Rez Cortez beside him. Josko, muntik na akong malaglag sa upuan ko. I also read in today's article in the Inquirer quoting Bunye: "Who do they want to replace the President? Rez Cortez?" Naman!