Saturday, June 11, 2005


whenever a crisis or a possible crisis situation erupts, it is not only the police and the military that go on alert, but also us in the news. everyone was on a high yesterday, esp when mam jess (jessica soho) went around and asked who among the reporters had brought along a change of clothes. i joked that i always brought my toothbrush and toothpaste with me, for just in case days. happened to me once during the oakwood mutiny. i stayed overnight in malacanang then, armed with just my toothbrush and toothpaste for the stakeout. no extra shirts, no fresh undies. no food supply. managed to still look fresh though, sed some officemates, despite going sleepless for more than 24 hours.
so now, we're on alert again. 24ORAS aired a special tonight. i'm in the office to produce flash report special edition, our latenight newscast. and we're staying overnight til 6am when the flash hourly staff takes over.
after the tense atmoshpere yesterday, the people in the office are more relaxed now. raffy tima reported that atty samuel ong is still inside the san carlos seminary. he rolled the video of ong, laughing and chatting with former bir commissioner liwayway vinzons'chato.

raffy (on air): mas relaxed na ngayon si atty samuel ong.
tpp (monitoring in the newsroom): at di pa rin siya nagpapalit ng damit.
snicker, sniker from the 24ORAS staff

some of us can joke now. but what's happening in the country is no laughing matter. i read yam's blog and learned that someone from thailand said "so what's new in the philippines?" after hearing about these developments. the world looked up to us filipinos after the first people power. now, they look down upon us. has the world lost all respect for filipinos? if so, there's only us to blame.


Anonymous said...

I think if you get divorced once, you still get sympathy; but if you get married and divorced three more times after that, people start looking at you funny and refuse to give you any more wedding presents.

(Cool blog. Thank you for the good reads.)


tinapa said...

thanks, leigh. keep the comments coming. :)

fried-neurons said...

And on a lighter, yet related, note...

Tina, why isn't AquaNet Extra Super Hold part of your "just in case kit"?


tinapa said...

karlo, kasi wala nang nabibiling ganun dito sa pilipinas. sayang...