Thursday, June 09, 2005


it's been a long while since i've done any hard news stories. since i was assigned to special reports, i've been doing mostly feature stories. being a political reporter, my forte really is hard news. but i also enjoy doing special reports as it forces me to become creative. i haven't reached the level of kara david in this department, but i'm learning the ropes.
well, back to covering hard news. i was assigned as back up reporter for the senate investigation on jueteng. it was a good day to be assigned at the senate as several revelations exploded during the hearing. the star witness, sandra cam, directly implicated congs iggy and mikey arroyo as receving jueteng payola. next came sen pimentel's call for pgma and vp noli to resign. this, he sed, was the best option over another impeachment, another people power or another bloody revolution. but pgma and vp noli won't resign. that would be an admission that they had done something illegal or immoral.
in the senate, i bumped into old friend and kumare weng orejana of abs. (yup, abs and gma people can be friends. very close friends and kumares at that.) i asked her what all this would lead to, if we would be spending sleepless nights outside the edsa shrine. we both felt the situation wasn't ripe for another people power. there has been no reaction from civil society. they were very vocal during erap's impeachment. the masa has been quiet as well. maybe because they would rather deal with their own problems than bother with corrupt officials.
well, it's already 11 pm and i'm still at the office, waiting for my second script to be approved. i've a headache from not eating on time, from previewing a dozen tapes of the hearing and ambush interviews and from trying to shorten my script to at most 2 minutes. i know that when i get home, the headache's still going to be there, but this time, it would be from thinking about this jueteng scandal.

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