Friday, June 17, 2005

text, text, text

sms is a wonderful and revolutionary technology. but when used wrongly, it is not only irritating, it can border on dangerous.
take for example these anonymous text messages that are now circulating about a possible martial law scenario. no one knows who sent it first.
from the point of view of a texter, it's irritating. but i can choose to ignore it. but as a journalist, we have to cover it in the context of recent developments.
again, as expected, malacanang officials seem to have turned deaf and mute. when i was still covering the palace, there were times when all the cellphones of the officials authorized to give us interviews were "out of coverage area" and "cant be reached." technology glitches? hehe!
militant groups and the political opposition however are worried and warned the president against such a move.
personally, i dont think the president will resort to such. she didn't during the oakwood mutiny. instead, she declared a state of rebellion (she however forgot the timelines when she said i was "abetting rebellion" for getting the exclusive interview of sen gringo honasan AFTER she lifted the state of rebellion). and our constitution does not give the president the powers to declare martial law. it is congress that can do so.
so now, texters should stop forwarding these text messages so as not to alarm the public. and maybe, i'll just ignore my pum's advise to convert all my cash to gold.


jove said...

hay read my blog item on this topic. a well meaning visitor commented about how media cover stuff like martial law and coup scare. i guess he meant well. pero sarap sabihin sa madla how media really works on a daily basis.. para di tayo lagi ang sisihin, kundi ang mga nagtatangka lagi na gamitin tayo para sa mga masasama at makasariling naisin ng iilan. it is as if we don't know their game di ba?

jove said...

of course we know na di basta basta makapag dedeklara ng ML na after the ratification ng post edsa one consti. pero, di ba dapat alam na yan ng taumbayan dahil ni ratify nga eh, nang lahat. we voted yes or no nuon di ba.

kaya nga di na yan ang isyu for the media today sa pag atake nila sa storya eh. pero it doesn't mean na nag fixate tayo sa deadline angle. wala nga channel tonite na gumawa ng story na ang lead ay DEADLINE. we all actually used the story as "mere text rumors, don't panic, and we all interviewed and tried interviewing those tagged sa isyu".

so ano ang mali sa ginawa ng media sa isyu na ito?

i don't get it.

kami nga sa singko na laging sinasabi na maka oposisyon, ang angulo namin kanina ay ang pagsabit o ride on ng mga inis kay pgma sa isyu para makakuha pogi points. binuking pa namin ang role ni abat and co sa pagkakalat nito.

well, the commenter meant well naman.

sana lang nanunuod talaga para alam niya na hindi ganun.

we learn from people like him, sana he will learn din from us.

di naman lahat media ganun di ba tina? hehehe, kung may ganun, wag nila panuorin, tayo na lang panuorin joke hehehehe.

Punzi said...

Wait nyo na lang yung blog-lecture ko on Father's day...ito ang topic...heheheh!

tinapa said...

jove, left a comment sa blog mo on this.