Saturday, June 18, 2005

speak no evil?

calls for the president to categorically say if it was her or not on the alleged wiretapped tapes continue to fall on deaf ears. it's "damned if you do and damned if you don't" for the president. if it was her and she admits it to the public, then she most probably will face impeachment in congress. if it wasn't her, will the political opposition, civil society (which has finally broken its silence on the issue) and the public believe her? it's been several days since the president's spokesperson and press secretary first showed and played the controversial cd's to the malacanang press corps. if the president issues a denial right now, the public might ask why it took her this long to say so.
so now, the hunt is on for the other person who could shed light on the controversial recordings - comelec commissioner virgilio garcillano. but his situation is more complicated and potentially dangerous, no matter what his statements would be. will he come out and give us the answers we all seek and deserve? all those who know anything about these controversial recordings should come out and give us the answers. they owe it to us.

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