Monday, June 20, 2005

deadma pa rin

militant groups have pushed their creativity to maximum levels. how else would they sustain daily protest actions with the same gimmicks, right?
last friday, bayan and allied groups were first to play the alleged wiretapped tapes/cd's in public. this, they did in front of the comelec office, right under the noses of policemen in full battle gear who did nothing but listen to the controversial recording. after which, they played the hello garci ringtone.
a few hours after, the league of filipino students in up diliman did the rounds of the classrooms (at the AS i think) to find out how many classes were listening to the alleged wiretapped conversation.
today, akbayan marched to the comelec, not to play the controversial recordings, but to pressure comelec commissioner virgilio garciliano to come out and shed light on the tapes. they asked the comelec, "NASAAN NA SI GARCI, SI GARCI, SI GARCI? NASAAN NA SI GARCI? NASAAN NA?" to the tune of "london bridge is falling down." complete with cd's tied to their foreheads.
who knows what these militant groups will come up with next. but no matter how creative and ingenius the gimmick, it will all be for naught if garciliano et al continue to play dumb and mute about all these controversies.


The Daily Poet said...

Very creative ways I must say.

Anonymous said...

panalo ka! nice one!

RandyMD said...

Why we are so concern about this conversation. We all know that cheating in our country is normal. Its unusual if a winner did not CHEAT! If for example Gloria admit that she was the one in the conversation, what will happen to our economy, and also if Gloria will not admit what will happen also to our economy.
Sorry Im just confuse. Is it knowing the facts about this tape conversation will help our country to jump from Third World Country to 2nd or 1st?


Anonymous said...

RANDY... baka akala mo lahat ng PILIPINO walang pakialam sa boto nila?

FYI lang po. isa ako sa milyon-milyong pinoy who do respect my vote. I don't vote just to be cheated. I don't vote just so a certain candidate will tamper the results.

Hello. How can I trust someone who willfully rob me of my significant contribution to the country.

Isn't DEMOCRACY means: of the people, by the people, for the people?

Hello! sa palagay mo magkibit balikat na lang kami at tanggapin na lang na ninakaw ang boto namin.,

of course we will continue to pretend that the votes were not robbed by GMA. of course we will continue to hope there was no cheating.


parusahan ang dapat parusahan!

at para sa iyong kaalaman: TINURUAN kami ng titser namin sa elementarya na HONESTY is the best policy.

ikaw? naturuan ba?

Anonymous said...

Ano ba to si Cory?palibhasa belong sya sa evil society!rule of law dapat sundin,kapal mukha mo!Pag kayo gumawa ng mali tama yun at sang ayon sa batas?Ginagawa nyo na kaming tanga!Mark my word Cory sinu sumpa ko kayong lahat na nagpahi rap sa bayan lalong lalo ka na!

Maria said...

Talaga naman nakakadismaya yang si Cory at nagsisi ako at binoto ko siya.At sa gaya kong ordinaryo sagrado sa akin ang boto dito lang tayo pantay-pantay anuman ang antas natin sa buhay nagaral ka man o hindi,iisa lang ang boto nanakawin mo pa!
mangilabot ka naman!