Friday, June 17, 2005

"dili man maga-surrender"

first came chavit. now comes duterte.
earlier, ilocos sur gov luis "chavit" singson said he will declare an independent ilocos republic if pgma is forcibly removed from office. today, davao city mayor rodrigo duterte sang the same tune. his "one people, one mindanao republic" will be a revolutionary govt, illegal as duterte says. tutal, illegal naman daw ang gobyernong papalit kapag pinatalsik daw si pgma.
as for pgma, she's still maintaing her silence re the alleged wiretapped tapes. the palace sed pgma wont dignify the existence of the tapes by commenting on it. the militant groups and opposition legislators continue to press the president to speak up. this is the only way, they say, to ease the present tensions in the country. instead, the president is doing the rounds of various provinces again, election campaign-style. of course, various groups and officials in the places she is visiting are all pleding their support for her. this is, after all, part of the psywar.
and the president has again taken the fighting stance. in agusan del sur today, she was quoted as saying, "dili man maga-surrender" (i won't surrender). she sez the support of the people, like those in agusan del sur, will easily disprove these allegations and prove she won the elections "fair and square." she was even pounding on the podium while saying "akala nila mawawalan ako ng loob at magugulo ako sa pamamahala pero hindi."
this is the strategy now of the palace - no talk on the tapes, show the people you're doing your job. pr expert/political strategist reli german, who had worked with former presidents cory aquino and erap estrada, was consulted by the palace just as this controversy was starting. his advise - keep quiet, let the accusers prove their accusations, regain the sympathy of the people by showing them you're doing your job.
will this pr strategy work? the events of the next few days will provide us the answers.


Punzi said...

Ang galing! Pero tignan mo to. Como kakampi yan hindi nila kakasuhan ng inciting to sedition (actually inciting to rebellion pa nga ito) ang mga ito. Instead, they will stick to their guns and push through with that flimsy charge against Ong for something even Senator Pimented said outside session...

Hay pulitika...!

tinapa said...

punzi, di talaga nila kakasuhan dahil ang sabi nina chavit and duterte, hihiwalay sila sa pilipinas kung papatalsikin si pgma.

YupkiGirl said...

Dili man gyud? Tinuod man day? Galipong na akon ulo sa imo prisidinti! Sus ginoo!

tinapa said...

oxford hottie yam-my, ambot sa imo lubot! mwahaha!