Thursday, June 16, 2005

of bad news and text jokes

it's been several days since i last updated my posts. not that i haven't tried. a co-reporter even commented that i've been staying at the office late every night. it's not only to write my stories for saksi but also to update this blog. but everytime i sit in front of the computer, my neurons just go limp and my brain refuses to function.
i guess my brain has been overworked with all these news about destabilization, efforts to overthrow the government, campaign to convince the president to resign, etc. even while relaxing after our reports air on 24Oras, we reporters still talk about the alleged wiretapped conversation. nakakapagod na. parang taongbayan, pagod na pagod na rin - sa pagmamartsa, sa mga alegasyon ng katiwalian, sa mga pagtatangkang palitan ang sinumang nakaupo sa malacanang.
any attempt to overthrow the government at this time, i think, will fail. the military remains loyal to its commander in chief. the leadership of the phil national police has quelched any efforts to recruit policemen for any destab. the church remains neutral. businessmen are on a wait-and-see mode. the masa are burdened with too many problems - unemployment, poverty, hunger, etc - to even bother marching to the streets. the opposition remains faceless, with no alternative to pgma.
the only (comic) relief we're getting from all these bad news are the hello garci ringtone and the text jokes. now, that's very filipino. embracing humor to cope with problems and crises.


Anonymous said...

kung maaga tayong napagod noon, baka hindi napatalsik si erap. mas nakakapagod hangga't nasa palasyo si GMA dahil pabigat siya sa taumbayan.

tinapa said...

mong, gustuhin ko mang sagutin ang comment mo, wag na lang. mahirap nang madagdagan ang aking "abetting rebellion." :)

Anonymous said...

Tina, you kept on forgetting na ang mga generals lang ang loyal kay gloria. Yung mga coronel pababa medyo alanganin sya. medyo nakakatakot lang kasi pag yang mga sundalo na badtrip sa mga generals nila baka magkagulo lalo tayo