Monday, June 13, 2005

whose lips are sealed?

"Considering that these taped conversations have not been duly authenticated nor could it be said at this time that the tapes contain an accurate or truthful representation of what was recorded therein, it is the position of the commission that the continuous airing or broadcast of the said taped conversations by radio and television stations is a continuing violation of the anti-wiretapping law and the conditions of the provisional authority and/or certificate of authority issued to these radio and television stations." - NATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION

the ntc warning to media against airing the controversial wiretap tapes has sparked discussions among us reporters. i don't want to say debates bec there are no 2 clashing positions here. ntc sez this isn't "prior restraint." doj sez there are some radio stations that don't use "umano" in reporting who are on the tape. it is this kind of "irresponsible" reporting that they want to avoid.

so, responible journalists or not, we have no other recourse but to heed the warning. and heed it well. one mistake by someone in the newsroom could spell unemployment for all of us.

but the ntc can't stop people from downloading the taped conversation from various websites and burning them for their friends. as more and more people hear the content of the tapes, more and more questions will surely surface. "why doesn't she come out and say it isn't her?" asked jtm. now, how do you respond to a question like that? or do you even need to respond to it?


fried-neurons said...

Hay, naku, Tina... ano ba yan... it's deja vu all over again. Ano ba ang sabi ng mga French... plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose... kelan ba talaga magkakaron ng truly stable, free-of-election-fraud-stink government ang ating lupang hinirang? EWAN NATIN!!!

tinapa said...

kaloy, you know naman your fellow countrymen.