Wednesday, July 06, 2005

survey says...

the latest pulse asia survey is out. i'm not too excited about surveys - i dont really understand some people's fascination with numbers. but then again, it's always newsworthy.

the survey was conducted a few days before pres arroyo's "i'm sorry" speech. it was commissioned by someone allied with the opposition. here are some of the results:

pgma's national disapproval rating - 46% (vs approval rating - 25%)
national distrust rating - 53% (vs trust rating - 20%)

prof felipe miranda of pulse asia sez this is the lowest any president got, ever! and from the charts he showed me, i guess he was referring to marcos and down the line.

the survey "reflects much public disappointment with the nation's political leadership. it documents the citizenry's sharp sense of frustration with the current national administration, and in particular, pres gloria macapagal-arroyo. people across nearly all geographic areas and socioeconomic classes paint a scenario of sustained deterioration in their personal and national quality of life in the last 4 years; they anticipate a generally even bleaker picture of life should pres arroyo continue administering the country." i guess this proves my earlier point that the president has robbed us of hope. a very sad thing and though unacceptable to some, still very very true for many. (yes, isao, that was addressed to you.)

forced choice between pgma and erap:
erap - 42%
pgma - 26%

gosh! have we forgotten the midnight cabinet meetings where they dont really meet to discuss anything, the jueteng payola issue, the boracay mansion, the women, the plunder case?

people have also veered away from the notion that if pgma is removed, no one is capable of replacing her. bec 3 names came out who can replace the president:
vp noli - 30%
erap - 19%
sen ping lacson - 16%

well, 30% isnt overwhelming. it's not even majority. but of course, kabayan's camp came out with a statement saying this affirms the people's "trust and confidence in the competence of VP as a national leader." maybe, if kabayan's camp had talked to some of my mots (man-on-the-street), they wouldn't come out with this statement at all. or maybe if they understood the numbers...

unacceptable leaders:
pgma - 42%
fvr - 39%
bro eddie villanueva - 31%

oh, well. i can make that list longer.

until the next survey then....


Overratedbitch said...

hay, ako na naman!

"palagi na lang oo ateh, oo ateh!"

"si vic, si vic! lagi na lang si vic!"

"hwag kang mag-alala, ipalilibing kita..."


Promdi said...

the mere fact that the survey was commissioned by the opposition makes it unfit for calm, down-to-earth reality check. at least for me. the only thing it succeeded to do was give me constipation.