Thursday, July 07, 2005

PGMA: I WILL NOT RESIGN (original or spliced version?)

i've been asked by so many people almost everyday if pgma would be booted out from power. i've even been asked by some if this was THE day pgma would be kicked out of malacanang. i always answer, i dont think so. not today.

after the sorry face the president plastered all over our tv sets just a few days back, she's now starting to show us some fangs. SHE WILL NOT RESIGN. well, this wasn't the first time we heard her say this. maybe having her say it over and over again might convince those calling for her resignation to chant another tune. (well, maybe not.)

next, she let all of her cabinet members go. (jtm intimated that a cabinet member - his source of daily news - didn't even know of the president's statement. obviously, the president didn't consult them about this.) different sectors will be asked to submit names of possible replacements. the replacements will then be given a free hand to govern while the president focuses her efforts on reforms.

i was at the lower house when the president announced this, monitoring her speech with members of the minority. as expected, the first reaction (which was unanimous) was "bakit hindi siya? dapat mauna siya."

needless to say, the president has not appeased her critics in the lower house. has she appeased her critics outside the halls of congress?

knowing the president's penchant for micro-managing (though she denies she does this), will it be easy for her to let the replacements call the shots or will she still be the one spewing out instructions?

i'm not sad to see some of the cabinet members go. especially that attack dog that barked at me after he was given a looong sermon by the president in a closed-door meeting. and that other attack dog that always parries the attacks on the president with threats of a possible legal action. but the likes of dinky soliman, emmy boncodin, butch abad, estrella alabastro, mike defensor and of course, ace durano my love (ok, you may not agree with my list but remember, this is MY blog) - what have they got to do with the "gloria-gate scandal" and all those controversies involving the president? why should they be the first to get the taste of the president's fangs? why ace, why? (hehe!)

i feel that more big developments are coming. who knows? presidential spokesperson and press secretary ignacio bunye might hold a presscon tomorrow and say that what we heard wasn't really the president's message. it was spliced by the destabilizers.


YupkiGirl said...

mare, muntik na akong mabilaukan when i read about ace... okay, okay. this is your blog. hahahaha. sino yung attack dog?

natawa din ako sa jove-nal delinquent!

Anonymous said...

hi sis! i wonder why brod mike defensor hasn't resigned yet. ganun ba talaga sya ka-pro?

tita cory already asked her to step down and im surmising the catholic church will declare its stance during the weekend.

si kabayan na nga kaya ang magiging pangulo? my gosh, wag naman. ibang level yata siya ng kamangmagan eh.

tinapa said...

yam-my oxford hottie, you know naman my unrequited love for ace d. hehe! attack dog? puwede e-mail na lang. haha!

shiva, mike's the only liberal who stood by the president. at least, consistent siya.