Friday, August 01, 2008

Bongga si Carmen Ronda

i encounter a lot of security guards/security personnel everyday. two of them, i will never forget.

security personnel #1 works in a private company. after he informed me that the person i was hoping to interview was unavailable, i asked him if there was someone else we could talk to.

"only the secretaries are there," he said. about ten different quips were running through my mind but instead of verbalizing them, i just said thank you.

my favorite is a security guard detailed at one of the entrance gates of a posh subdivision in makati.

guard: pangalan po nila?

i say mine, my cameraman does too. before our assistant cameraman could reply, the guard says, "and the other one is?"

caught offguard, we reply with a very profound, "HUH?!"

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