Friday, July 11, 2008

I Am Never Going Back to Nail Loft

I've been a loyal customer of Nail Loft Sct Gandia in QC. Ooops. That should read, "I HAD been a loyal cutomer of Nail Loft..." From today, I am never setting foot there or in any of its other branches.

When there were a lot of customers, I waited patiently for my turn. I never complained when a customer who arrived later than I did was served before I was. But today, my patience ran out.

When I arrived at the salon today, it was dark and their door, which is normally locked, was pulled open. Turned out, their electricity suffered a short. So we were directed upstairs where they normally do the masssages. The room was stifling hot but I didn't mind. The girl who regularly does my nails did my feet first. But she left me when another customer arrived, saying the new customer had set an appointment earlier in the day. She had left instructions with another manicurist to do my hands. I smiled and said it was okay.

The nail polish on my feet had dried already, my daughter had finished writing the alphabet in script five times over and still, I was sitting there patiently. Even though the time I had already spent waiting was longer than the time it would have taken them to do my nails, I kept quiet and didn't complain. Then one of the employees ranted to me and another customer that all the manicurists had forgotten about us on the second floor and that they were busy with customers downstairs. There were no customers downstairs when I arrived. So I checked downstairs. It was a full house. Yup, they did forget about us on the second floor. Yup, they chose to serve the customers who had just arrived. Yup, service was lousy and no one apologized or did anything about it.

So after paying for the lousy service, I left the place, vowing never to return. And I always keep my word.

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Belle said...

hi miss tina! may i know the email add of reporter's notebook, me irereport lang po sana ako...thanks!