Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heroes Season 2

It's up! The first episode of the second season. And a few minutes into the episode, there are already new characters introduced.
Although my favorite character is Hiro, my hero really is Eden. If I were to have powers, I'd want hers. I was so disappointed when her character died in season 1.
Can't wait to see how this season turns out. I just hope this show isn't like the other shows where the further you go into the story, the more seasons they have, the more confused and disappointed viewers become.
Like LOST. Now, the problem with this show is, I feel they're so off tangent from where the original group of writers wanted to bring the story. Do you read the credits? I sometimes do. And the names on the last season weren't the same names in the previous two seasons. It's like the writers are making the story up one episode at a time. They introduce characters that they kill after 2 or 3 eps. Clearly, the writers are not following an outline. And if they are, they change it every story con.
I hope Heroes will be different, that it will be able to keep its viewers glued to the screen, that the story will unravel logically and beautifully. Like future Hiro piecing all the events in season 1 together and tying them all on several threads that come together at one single point.


rina said...

waaah i haven't seen it yet! and of course i can't watch it in the office, so i'll have to wait until tonight! oh well, the office TV will be tuned into the senate hearing on ZTE so at least there'll be some entertainment.

yeah i hope heroes doesn't go the way of lost. i gather it's mostly creator tim kring who's driving the story so he should have it all together in his head.

Barry Cyrus said...

hi ms tina. this is absolute coolness, your blog has been introduced to me in our Journ class when we talked about journalists as bloggers. =]

tinapa said...

the website's updated. as soon as the episode airs in the us, the person who runs the website loads the ep on his site.

what did the class say about my blog/s?

Barry said...

we discussed about how mainstream journalists should avoid writing thier respective reported news in their own blog; thus their blogs should be rather personal.

btw, i'm an aspiring journalist too hehe

tinapa said...

barry, i presume you know about our company policy on blogging.

Barry said...

ooh, i just knew hehe