Sunday, September 30, 2007

Genie-fer's Back!!!

I'm back to back with a vengeance. Better late than ever. I was busy as a bu-sy. I hope that come one may, absence made your heart grow down there. I got sped up with so many things that's why I had to give me a break. You know, it's a doggie dog world out there.

So anyway, I heard it from the grave vine that people are saying I'm just a pigment of some people's imagination. Well, to tell with it. I'm a real person. So I will proof it. Here's my picture.

Stain tuned for the big refill!


Anonymous said...

It's a very niece picture of Genie-fer. I hoping that I will meet her front to front in the nearer future. I am a shame to admit that I am in love at first sigh with Genie-fer. Ms. Tina, please tell Genie-fer I love her from the bottom. Tanks! Yours true, Mando

admin said...

we have this reply @ (not sure if you would know if we replied to it or not, so we thought of dropping it here too:

hello Ms Tina! we finally saw the light in this ever so popular email…

we’re glad we saw nikko dizon’s short note about it on the inquirer because much as it’s been widely circulated via email and blogs without attribution, we wanted to really know the writer/s behind such slick work before we republish them.

thank you so much for taking the time to clarify and resolve the ‘mystery’ once and for all!

we love “genie-fer’s” character and we can’t wait for her next mis-adventures; consider us a fan of your writings! :-)

you bet we will “stain tuned!”