Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Worlds of Wisdom"

I received an e-mail from an old friend about funny english phrases that were purportedly uttered by the actress whose brother is not a book. Let me clarify that most of the lines, which appear below, are products of my and my friends' creative though sometimes discombobulated minds. They first appeared on JT's blog. We texted the lines to a few friends, who may have forwarded them to others and may have wrongly attributed them to the actress.

So, here are the phrases which we dubbed worlds of wisdom:

The nerd?! (usually uttered in disgust)

The! (usually said with one eyebrow raised)

Persona ingrata (to whom you say "the nerd!" and "the!")

Whatever is that! (when you're arguing with someone and you know you've been proven wrong but won't admit it)

Look at is this way... (to enlighten someone)

Connect me if I'm wrong (when you want to be enlightened)

I hope you don't mine (when asking a favor)

This is getting our hand (when things are out of your control)

I want to portrait that role (from an aspiring actress)

I'll burn the bridge when I get there (what else is there to do when you get to the bridge anyway?)

Life is what you make (of course it is)

Ats if! (something like THE?!)

It's a blessing in the sky (well then, we should be grateful)

You can never can tell (it's really hard to predict things)

Mute and epidemic (well then, there's no need to argue anymore)

Alma mother (your school)

I second emotion (I third)

Cut me some slacks! (so, shorts ito?)

Well, well, well. Look do we have here... (said with arms crossed in front of you, one eyebrow raised, one foot tapping on the ground)

When it rains, it's four (is that the same as "it's raining cats and dogs, aren't they?")

It's not my problem anymore. It's your problem anymore. (could be a response to "it's raining cats and dogs, aren't they?")

Tell me to the marines (when you're not convinced)

True good to be true (could be a blessing in the sky)

Love is a many splendor (it sure is)

Beauty is in the eyes (where else would it be?)

KP, who came up with most of these lines, also authored a short story using these "worlds of wisdom."

But that's for tomorrow's blog.


houseband00 said...

I'm sure MM must have actually said these one time but another. =)

tinapa said...

houseband, clever!!!

twistedman said...

hi tina, this is delicious! :-)) forward this to my friends and i'll make sure that it is properly attributed. thanks