Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Chicken Little

And so the brood grows. Another lost chick - more like dark duckling who'll never turn into a swan - has found its way to Mother Hen's coop. The other chicks, territorial and clanish as they are, have let out loud squeaks - not so much to drive away dark duckling but just to heckle and give him a hard time. Much like resident members initiating an amuyong.

If the Council of Elders was to vote on accepting the "adoptee", dark duckling would probably have to find another chicken house to invade. But no voting needed on this one as only Mother Hen has not forfeited her voting rights. And one out of five constitutes NOT a quorum. Mother Hen is now awaiting the documents duly signed by the Dept. of Agricultural Social Work and Development before dark duckling can claim legal rights to those much-coveted grains (of thought).

Perchance because of Mother Hen's imposition of a grains embargo, the chicks have started to behave - a little.

JT - no longer wishes to take those golden kernels into his beak. He's content just eyeing them. He hasn't lost taste for those stale red and white grains but at least, he's not pining about them every minute or so. He's found new amusement... In what? Hmmm...

AR - now wants to take on the role of Big Sister Chick, taking dark duckling under her still unstable wings.

KP - the crazy chick thinks she's a whale shark, preying on lowly planktons. The problem is that she doesn't know that chicks can't swim. Taking that dip recently in that spiked liquid has given her a virus she can't shake off. Hope she loses it before it turns into an outbreak.

It's almost harvest season. The chicks are giddy... They want to get to the palays before these are cut down.

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Phoenix Rising said...


Petitioner, chicken little JT, comes before this august body to deny any motion to admit anyone in this prestigious circle.

Grounds? Himself.