Tuesday, November 21, 2006

still a junk food addict...

after having been diagnosed as anemic in grade school (or was it high school), i spent many months eating ampalaya and slightly-cooked-still-bloody liver. i ate them like a tablet, cut up into tiny pieces and swallowed with water.

since then, i hated ampalaya and liver. i dont care how they're cooked. i dont care what good they'll bring to my body. i hate them. hate them sooo much...

so imagine my surprise when i found out alex was a big fan of ampalaya. well, she and gab love kangkong in sinigang. but ampalaya?! it took some cajoling... but she tried them. and loved them!

as for gabby, her favorites are labanos and okra. she loves labanos because i was able to convince her that it would make her skin lighter. (see, nak, labanos is white. if you eat it, magiging mas maputi ka.) okra - she didn't have a choice. it was a penalty for eating a super big ice cream cone when she had a cough. she was only supposed to eat 4 small pieces but ended up finishing every piece of okra on the table.

which reminds me of alex's quotable quote:

mommy, di kumakain ng masarap ang classmate ko.
ha? anong ibig mong sabihin, baby?
hindi siya kumakain ng gulay.

i'm a proud mom. i trained my daughters well... me, the junk food addict!