Wednesday, August 17, 2005

evil sisters of the aquarium

my friend left me a message a few weeks ago - she had this grand idea that she thought we bloggers in the group would want to be involved in. curious, i asked her what it was. A GROUP BLOG! i said, great! i set it up while she set up our group mail.

well, the blog has been sitting there... empty. and the surprising thing is, 2 people have already left messages in the blog.

so why am i writing this? to pressure the evil sisters of the aquarium to start posting in our group blog! (hehehe!!!)

will my pleas fall on deaf ears or will i have to resort to threats in the future? (hehehe! ano na, mga mare?!)

and to add to the pressure, here's my proposed first topic: our memories (good and bad) of our aquarium days