Monday, July 04, 2005

the cold virus and elida moments

it's 1241am, i'm still at the office waiting for flash report special edition to air. and my calltime later is 730am. hopefully, i'm well enough to go to work, esp with a very early calltime (my duty officially starts at 10). i'm feeling the onset of another asthma attack. the computer i use for flash spec ed is right under one of the aircon vents in the newsroom. and they dont change the thermostat setting even on weekend nights. so it's always freezing in here. add to that the cold virus my youngest daughter got from one of her classmates, who has a fondness for her and cant seem to stop kissing her. the virus she passed on to her older sister and then to me.
so right now, i'm not feeling up to posting anything political in my blog. if i werent exec produ of flash spec ed, i'd have rushed home already as soon as i finished writing all the scripts assigned to me. but being ep means i have to stay until after the newscast airs and after i finish my discrepancy report. hopefully, i'll submit another blank page to my pum. meaning, no sabits. :)
i've also been busy trying to figure out how to make the music videos i want to post on my blog work. not being a techie and lacking vital knowledge about how codes work, i guess you all shall be subjected to another torture of paulit-ulit na videos - this time, madonna's frozen. hopefully, someone out there will give me the codes i need to make the videos play one after the other and not all at the same time. sheesh...

p.s. young though my daughters are, they also have elida moments.
me to alex: oh baby, you're crazy.
alex: like you, mommy.
of course, we both meant it in an endearing way.

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