Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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in the white corner...

"mrs arroyo, habang pinagmamasdan kita, nakita ko sa mata mo na hindi galing sa puso mo ang sorry. gusto mo na naman kaming isahan. hindi ko tinatanggap ang sorry mo."
(i didnt feel your sincerity. you just want to take advantage of us again. i cannot accept your ’sorry’.)

susan roces, as always, was poised but didn't mince words as she vented out her anger at the president. for cheating her departed husband in the last elections, for wanting to take advantage of our feelings by saying and "acting" sorry, by "twisting the law" to her advantage.

"arogante siya, arogante! manhid!"
(she's arrogant! insensitive!)

in the blue corner...

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“God first, then country, and family is last. This is something that has guided me. My responsibility is to my people.”

the president, probably in anticipation of susan roces' presscon, delivered this speech today. to appeal again to our emotions? to gain sympathy? to see who grabs gap 1 in our newscasts today and the banners in tomorrow's newspapers? (well, susan made gap 1 in 24Oras and Saksi today.)

this isn't the first time the president has used this line. i heard it over and over again in the almost 4 years that i've covered her.

“Today my family is once again called to sacrifice our personal happiness, to allow me to serve best as president of our country. My husband has volunteered to go abroad… And so he will leave to remove these distractions and doubts from the people’s minds…”

fg rarely faces the media for presscons or anything. but he is always in the limelight, in the news because he is alleged to be involved in this or that shady deal. will making him leave stop the criticisms against the president? will his friends in government be booted out too? will the rest of the family leave as well, esp iggy and mikey?

this is already round 2. round 1 was after the presidential electoral tribunal threw out her petition to continue the electoral protest her husband had filed.

i'm guessing that round 3 will see the grieving widow surrounded by a lot of supporters - from the political block and from the citizens - and the president surrounded by her loyal attack dogs, minus her family.

here's susan's advantage. no one will attack a grieving widow, no matter how hurtful, damaging and maybe even seditious her words may be. it's just not in our culture. and who would even dare? have you noticed that none of the president's attack dogs have tried to even snarl at susan roces?

and the president's advantage? the government's machinery. i wont say power bec in the philippine political scene, power is very fleeting. if she had a team of spin doctors who were united, efficient, aggressive and not concerned with who gets to kiss the ass of the president the most, then maybe the president can still emerge the winner in the final round.

but then, as i said, i'm only guessing.


fried-neurons said...

ampon! ampon! ampon! ampon!

oops. wrong movie.

::slinks away into a dark, damp crevice::

tinapa said...

kaloy, mukhang naapektuhan ka na nga ng music video ko.
dont you just miss the philippines?

P. Penitente said...

How many more "rounds" does Mrs. Arroyo need before she resigns? Banishing her family members simply won't do the trick of winning back the trust of the Filipinos.

We must resolve this soon. There is an impending oil shock that must be addressed. Kawawa na naman ang mga Pilipino pag nagkataon.

Anonymous said...

Hi tina! Ang galing naman ng mga sinusulat mo dto. I can only say thank you for sharing to us what you really see na di naming mga ordinaryong tao nakikitang totoong nangyayari. MOre power you to you. Kaya GMA, please resign if you still want the mole in your face to grow old with you.

Overratedbitch said...

i don't think mike arroyo leaving the country will help her any...

what if PGMA leaves the country? charoz lang!

and to the opposition: if you really wanna topple her down: come to a consensus! djuskow, magkaisa kayo kung anung gusto nyong course of action! hindi yung bera dito, ibang bera sa kabila!

nakaka-federico lorca garcia eh! (uncle kaya itu ni bernz?)

Anonymous said...

Let us all be calm and pray for a speedy solution to this quagmire. Obviously, she can't stay as president. Neither can Noli be the successor. Neither can the opposition take over. A transitional revolutionary government is probably best. This should be followed by a truly credible election. Let us pray for the best.

Anonymous said...

I am not for FPJ, and not also for Gloria, but when La Presidentia Gloria wins I does agree for her. Kahit alam namin dumaya si Presidente (acting?), it is no doubt for the start the popularity of FPJ will cast him the presidency.

I believe Gloria, is just a lesser evil than FPJ that I would think he will be like erap since friends are in same feathers, Eventhough i heard much here in Mindanao that elections are rigged I keep quiet and I clear my conscience to think Gloria will save and uplift our economy. Yes its true from Susan Speech, Gloria wins legal but not in moral. Legality is only a results from judegement from the authority, while morality is judgement by God.

Now, I know and im sorry for what I believe, that choosing a lesser evil will be better. And accepting cheating is not good, and here we see her mess.

I believe in Divine Providence, and with FPJ gone, and the Jueteng Scandal, the Tape, and the events unfolding on us is just one way Gods ways are unfolding on us.

After these days, I have no vision where our country will go, and what will happen. But after all this I believe the Filipinos, and I will surely stay here in Philippines for best and for worst.

And so how about u ?

Anonymous said...

Our Country is like a Ship and we are all the pepole in the ship sailing into tommorows we never know,
some have transfer ships and have a happy sailing in their life and with their family.

We have already change captains a many times,
we force some of our ship captains to give up and exile, other one we inprison and the present one to resign.

And this cause us to live in this rotten ship
But eventhough how rotten our ship is and is sinking fast we dont want to give up our faith and democracy
To those who are with the ship, Filipinos and countrymen we will not be changed, and give up democracy for survival

If in these days to come, that we will deeply sink
and before we die of hunger, we will fight for democracy and truth I and you dont know what tommorow will come, These are the days of transitional times
these were the times where a mother gives birth to a child

A child that I believe will be our new democaracy and justice, these are the time of penance and suffering of our mother Ship

In these days to come I command everyone
to stay steadfast and hold on to our ship, we maybe
encounter big waves, and some leaking on our ship
and we do the best to hold on.

If days will come our captain is gone, be desicive enough to choose who will be the next, for the longer we have no captain the faster we will sink, these times i pray the Captain will give way since if she will stays longer the ships will sink faster

To the captain, we are the people of the ship and we who row the ship if there is no moral mandate anymore, people in the ship will not row anymore, and we will surely die.

For us who still live here in the same rotten ship
cause by our divided system, broken promises and beliefs, Just Hold On and pray, these trouble times will past away.

I still have faith that some day we will sail smoothly and reach our destination wer’e the Filipinos rightly belong.
To Tina Panganiban Perez, I want to write i am an engineer in proffesion is there a way I can learn journalism online?

Overratedbitch said...

gas pain, gas pain!

tumbling na naman akow, manay tina! see you tonight (hopefully)!

gari said...

doon ako kay manang inday.
high school graduate pero di istupida.
sana lang di basta pam-famas ang
acting. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think the DOJ Secretary was brave enough. Or was he? hehehe

I just hope this ends soon so that we can begin our moral recovery.

I hope after this, people would start to be more aware and active in their participation to society. One thing that hurts society is apathy. Apathy is also an aggravating factor to corruption, extortion, and the most highlighted issue this month, cheating...

I like the Susan Roces act more. Though I am not siding with anyone, I think the packaging of Susan Roces was more appealing to emotions. Like what most of our colleagues and contemporaries say, now is the battle of perception and emotions. The more we emote, the more we get heard. It is quite sad, though, because now, I am beginning to believe that we Filipinos now look at the emotional side, and not the content.

Am I still making sense here? hehehe...

By the way, nice artik. :D

Anonymous said...

ala tele novela na ang nangyayari sa gobyerno.kung sabagay ito naman ang IN sa ngayon,may mga ilan na anime angdating. ang common pipol naman ang kawawa sa bandang huli,kahit happpy ending man ang story nila susan/gloria tayong nasa below poverty line pa rin ang kawawa.
entertainment and politics goes together!

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