Sunday, June 22, 2008

Frank's Fury

I'm stuck at the NAIA...

My team and I have been here since past 7am for a 9:25am flight to Kalibo, Aklan. I'm groggy from lack of sleep, having come from GMA Weekend Report which aired from 1am to about 1:20am today. I had about 30 minutes of sleep after packing my suitcase with about 7 days worth of clothes for an assignment that will initially last for 3 days. It's 9:40am and we've just been informed that the plane that will fly us to Kalibo will land at the NAIA at 11am. We are still awaiting the announcement of our departure time. So far, no cancellation of our flight has been announced.

The public address system is blaring with announcements of delayed flights. Same case as ours.

Already, I miss my bed, my pillows, the smell of Gabby's hair and the sound of her snores, Alex's murmurings in her sleep and the constant asthmatic whine of her breathing, Bong's snores...

"Frank" was badgering Metro Manila when I got out of bed this morning, even before the sun rose. The strong wind was whistling, conveying the fury it can still unleash.

Our destination, which is at least 3 hours away from Kalibo, was badly battered by the
storm. At this point in time, I am unsure if we will be able to reach it, having received information that vehicles from the area are unable to travel to Aklan. If they can't get out, then we wouldn't be able to get in either.

Oh, well. I'm comforted by the fact that I am not travelling alone. When I was four months pregnant with my first daughter, I travelled alone to Atlanta, Georgia for a month-long training with CNN. I got snowed-in in Detroit and was forced to sleep on the floor like the other passengers. Can you imagine how hard that is for a pregnant woman? When I finally got to Atlanta, I waited a long time at the airport for my ride. When none came, I realized that the CNN coordinator must've missed my e-mails regarding my arrival. So in the wee hours of the morning, I was forced to take a cab to the hotel where the CNN International Professional Program participants were to check in. The woman cab driver refused to help me with my luggage. I was so stressed out, tired, hungry and frustrated.

Now, at least, there's an unending supply of food and drinks, internet and chika to help me kill time. Maybe, when the massage chair is finally empty, I might try it.

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Anonymous said...

hi, it appears that your assignment destination seems to be iloilo, maybe you could air kalibo's story as well. there is currently no potable water source for the entire town. market is fast running out of mineral water to sell as well.

the main water pumping station of the kalibo water district has been rendered inoperable by the flooding.

people who have been unprepared are running out of cash to buy supplies if they could since all the banks are out of service as well.

hopefully you could do something about it to help out. thanks very much. god bless.