Wednesday, February 20, 2008

UP's No Smoking Policy

Today was a crazy day. I learned that the whole UP system is now implementing a no-smoking policy. Most of my friends were freaked out. During our time, which wasn’t that long ago (said with touch in cheek!), students weren’t really banned from smoking in the classrooms. Students just opted not to. There was at least one student who lit a cigarette in class, only to be told by the teacher that she can smoke only if she brings her own ashtray. Which she did the next day, which wasn’t really the teacher’s point.

Anyway, what happens now to a smoker stuck inside a UP campus? Does he or she have to drive out of campus to smoke? Are there smoking areas, at least, inside the campus? What about the dormers - can they sneak a light in their rooms? Are there any cigarette vendors left in UP? Is this even fair?

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