Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not Part 3

I'm still in a state of shocked because people keep telling me about the "Worlds of Wisdom" without knowing that I and my creative but twisted friends are behind the list. Na-culture shot talaga ako, especially when W told me about a funny list of English words. At forwarded pa sa kanya ng isang congressman. The nerd! Copying us in more ways than once! And not telling the source. It's our intellectual property rights ha!

On another hand, I just told my friends to look as is this way - that a lot of people like the list. That maybe we are really the apple of their thigh even though they don't know it's us. That last but not at least, maybe those who know we wrote them will tell the others. Sana nga no? They should put it in the proper firstpective kasi. Kasi it's really a piece of steak for us to think about these wonderful "Worlds of Wisdom." It comes in a snack! Just like that! I just don't want people to back mouth me and my friends e. So before I get sped up with people not mentioning us, these people who forward the "Worlds of Wisdom" should be warned and be prepared to face the rat of us women thorned. Ang dami kasing bigger beaver! The nerd talaga! Kairita!

O siya. I'm tired na. Let's call it a day, a day.


Anonymous said...

not only worlds of wisdom, i got "A Love Story" through email, and an abbreviated one through text! it's really selling like pancakes!

in fairness, i got an email similar to "worlds of wisdom" years ago, during the first advent of phrases "come let's join us!" and "well, well, well, look do we have here" pero syempre kainis nga if you created something and then people will just spread it without attributing it to the source. the nerd talaga.

tinapa said...

well, maybe you can tell the people you know where they're from...

RRP said...

Hi - came across your blog through one of these forwards.

Glad to meet the person behind those hilariously esoteric words.

Your style of writing is wonderful.

Salamat po.