Thursday, May 04, 2006

gab's new boyfriends

it's funny how two people who emerged from the same womb can have very different personalities.

alex, who's turning 7 this june, thinks like a 40-year-old. she worries a lot about everything - our car's registration, groceries, preparations for her birthday party, the accessories that would go with my outfit, etc. she'd often check what time i'm coming home from work, when i'll be able to go on leave...

gab, who's 5, on the other hand is happy-go-lucky. she finds pleasure in teasing and making fun of her sister. and she's had a string of "boyfriends" already. just last night, i asked her about vaness wu. well, apparently, they're no longer a "couple." gab's eyes are now on lei and jin. lei and jin who?!? well, they're characters in tekken. haha! crazy!