Thursday, January 19, 2006


i rarely see my UP friends nowadays. getting together that night for winnie's despidida was really fun. good thing i had my ventolin inhaler with me that night. couldnt have survived that night out of breath laughing almost nonstop.

read kaloy's blog. but he left out a lot of details. "mumble, mumble." haha!

it was fun reminiscing about our high school and college days. winnie and anet's habit of calling up karlo when he was sick and hanging up on him when he was in the middle of a story. paolo's imaginary daughters with this girl he was sooo in love with back then. dennis pulling down paolo's shorts while we were walking between the UP registrar's office and casaa. and dennis setting paolo's hairy legs on fire.

told liberty, those days - and our friends - prepared us for the real world, a world where onion-skinned people were dogfood for the hard at heart.