Friday, January 14, 2011

Honorable My A**

I live about 15 minutes away from the office (five if you're driving at 3am) but navigating through Timog Avenue anytime of the day (except at 3am) especially where there are bars or restaurants will usually bring out the homicidal tendencies in anyone. I keep my road rage under control by secretly cursing the other drivers or honking my horn like they do in China - loudly and continuously.

Honk my horn was all I could do when I was forced to drive close to the gutter and stop because an SUV with an 8 plate and the many vehicles tailing it swerved onto my lane - MY LANE - from the opposite direction. I turned right on one of the side streets from Timog to avoid the buildup of vehicles past the Shell station. A vehicle was double parked on the opposite side - well, that's another peeve that deserves its own post. I didn't make any attempt to hide my disgust when the SUV swerved onto my side of the road to drive past the nincompoop illegally parked on his lane. I shook my head, honked my horn and frowned at the convoy as it passed by me. There was one police escort on a motorcycle, however, who held a hand up as he smiled and nodded his thanks. A friend said he might have been embarrased by what the Honorable legislator did. Well, I think the police escort deserves to ride the SUV more than the Honorable legislator.

When I was covering the House of Representatives, the district of the legislators were clearly indicated on the plate. I think they should implement that again. Not only would it help curb abuses on the road, it would help us identify which of our representatives deserve a permanent vacation from government.

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