Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Remembering...

1. Sweet Haven - baked macaroni and tacos. Yum!
2. Haruta loafers (mine were maroon tassels) and Espadrilles (mine were green, believe it or not)
3. My Kamia dormrooms - the one in the basement next to the "ghost room" and the one on the first floor near the entrance
4. The 1991 Earthquake - I was cooking instant soup in the dorm when it hit. Some of the girls in the dorm ran out to the driveway "wearing" pillows and towels.
5. Live AIDS rehearsals - fun, fun, fun!
6. Singing bastardized versions of Carpenters songs with equally-crazy friends while making tambay at the gazebos outside Casaa
7. My friends and I leaving one-peso coins on top of piles of freshly-delivered copies of Collegian to dupe freshmen (we were also freshmen then but we felt we weren't outsiders, having come from UPIS) and my friends giving freshmen directions from Palma Hall to the NatSci building whenever they'd be asked where the "TBA room" was
8. The UP Fairs
9. An aborted OBE
10. UP ghost stories

Funny how a hodgepodge of memories can resurrect buried emotions...

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