Monday, August 25, 2008

Keeping Watch

It's Dec 18, 1999 all over again but this time, there are no screams of fear, anguish and disbelief accompanied by unabashed crying in the hospital corridors. Now, there are only comforting words of encouragement and waiting in silence outside the Pediatric ICU Waiting Lounge.

Alex was rushed to the hospital today and was confined because of severe asthma attack, high fever and suspicions of pneumonia. Her heart and respiratory rates were double the normal.

As the day progressed, her condition stabilized. In the afternoon, she was talking already, sitting up and was continually asking when she would be allowed to the leave the room "I hate" and when her tubes and IV would be removed.

Gabby visited her in the afternoon. Gab sat by Alex's bedside, doing acrobatics just to plant kisses on her ate's cheek. When we got home, Gab was crying. She was sad without her ate.

Hopefully, tomorrow, Alex would be transferred to a regular room where we can stay even when it's not visiting hours yet.


Anonymous said...

I hope everything turns out well. Her doctor from the 1999 incident was the same doctor Powee had when he underwent a major operation when he was younger. She mentioned you to us. Our prayers. =)

tinapa said...

wow! small world. she's better now. out of the icu but still confined. hopefully, she'll be discharged soon.