Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ingredients for a Stressful Day

I took the day off to celebrate my daughter's birthday. It was a peaceful, stress-free day when I got up from bed around noon. I had a wonderful lunch with my two girls.

Then I got on the internet. I was having luck on the Easter Egg Hunt on Facebook's Fluff Friends when my laptop just stopped working. It did not respond to any command or push of any button. Not knowing what to do, I removed the battery - despite the printed warning that I might suffer from electric shock. When I got the laptop working again, I couldn't connect to the internet anymore. I called my provider's hotline then the call got cut.

Then I get a call from A that we might have problems with the venue for my daughter's party on Easter Sunday. The village where the party is to be held declared Sunday "free swimming day." So I might have to share the pool - which I thought we would be able to use exclusively - with the whole village. Then I might have to pay more than what I was initially told.

Then I get a text message that I have to give the office a photocopy of my passport. Like I said, it was my day off and had scheduled several errands for the day and because of the other concerns that came up earlier today, I had finished not one of them. Not one.

So I go to the office with my daughters. I thought my luck had turned when the basement guard allowed me to park there for a few minutes. Then the people at the office were all smiles when they saw my daughters. I also saw A and she said something can be done about the venue and I might be able to pay less than the amount agreed.

Then my girls and I drive to the mall. As we reached the top of the flyover along Edsa, I suddenly lose power. Good thing the car was going fast enough to make it over the top. Then I lose my brake. Good thing I had lost speed then and was able to bring the car to the side of the road. I used the handbrake to make the car stop.

I was not as panicked as I thought I would be in that kind of situation and was able to drive the car home. My daughters agreed to cancel our trip to the mall. No tantrums, no tears - that's how well-mannered they are. I'm just worried about Gabby who said this was an unlucky birthday for her.

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