Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dance to the Beat!!! (Edited)

friday nice and delights i know

you can out for a place to go

wanna play the night music

get it in the swing

you're in the mood for a king

anybody can see that, hi!

nighties hung and the musics sigh

wanna be the rock music

everything is mine

you're in the mood romance

and when you get the trance...

you can the dance and queen

younger swing

only seven things

dance and queen

feed the beat from the trampoline

oh yeah

you can dance

you can dive

i've been the time of your life


be that girl

watch that king

digging the dance and queen...

you can tease her

you turn them all

live them warmer and then you're gone

you can out for a mother

anyone we do

you ran the mood for dance

and when you get the trance...


houseband00 said...

Abba, at kumanta pa! =)

tinapa said...

houseband00, galing ng comment. natawa ako...