Friday, June 08, 2007

An Ethereal Visitor

I've been staring at the computer monitor for about 30 minutes now, trying to ignore the chit-chat and high-pitched giggles of Alex and Gab. I've been writing sentences and erasing them, unsure of what to write. I guess I'm still shaken up by my mother-in-law's matter-of-fact declaration that maybe her dad's time on this earth is about to expire. She says she'd happily accept whatever God wills for my grandfather-in-law - "he's lived a full life anyway." What gave me chills was her revelation that her long-departed mom - Mama Luisa - had been visiting her dad these past few days.

Papa was served bread at breakfast yesterday. As he savored the fare, he asked that bread be also served to Luway, his pet name for Mama Luisa. Luway, he said, was seated beside him and had been a constant visitor lately.

Papa's in the hospital now, hooked up to a respirator. I pray he gets better.


Anonymous said...

yay! katakoot! :O

tinapa said...

i dont think so. when i was in grade 5, papa (my mom's dad whom i never met) made his presence felt while i was alone in a corridor in my school. that was the time he breathed his last. the smell of roses was somehow comforting despite a slight chill in the air that brushed against my face.