Saturday, May 19, 2007

When Roles are Reversed

I fell hard on my butt a day or two after the elections. I had stepped back on some stacked plastic file-keepers and after landing on my butt, I also hit my back on the metal frame of Alex's bed. Alex shouted "Mommy!" while running towards me, her worry evident in her voice as she watched me writhing in pain on the floor. She immediately knelt beside me and massaged my back. And despite knowing that the lights downstairs had all been turned off, she told me to wait while she got some ice from the freezer. I told her to just stay beside me and massage my back. I assured her she need not worry, that I was going to be okay. Well, my back still hurts but I'm not going to tell her that.

Alex worries a lot. She thinks and talks like an adult. Remember I had blogged before about her checking if I or her dad had already attended to our car registration.

Last night, I had dinner with RC, AC and JTM. It was one of those rare times that I went out with friends. Alex texted at 11:57pm.

Alex: Mommy what time ka uwi

Me: Sabay kami ni Tita Ruth.

Alex: What time

I don't remember asking my mom these questions when I was younger, and I don't remember my mom asking me the same. (Maybe because I was a dormer in UP.) Well, that's Alex's way of showing how caring and sweet she is. At ganun talaga pag strict ang anak. :)

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