Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Big Word for a Small Girl

I was complaining to my daughters about how fat I thought I was. Both Alex and Gabby assured me I was in the normal range. (I could always count on them to boost my ego. Haha!) Then Gab gave me an advise:

"Mommy, dapat kinausap mo yung dietrician na katabi ko dati." Take note, DIETRICIAN.

Dietician - now where did a 6-year old learn of this word? How did she come to know of its meaning, of what a dietician does? And how did she know it was a dietician I should consult?

Turns out there was a girl who played the role of a dietician in their school's prep graduation program. Gab had played the role of a nurse. She wasn't really after the role or having a solo on the program. She wanted the props - a first aid kit with plastic band aids, scissors, thermometer, eye chart, etc.

She had played the same role in a previous program. She was initially chosen to play the role of a doctor but she became teary-eyed because the doctor only had a stethoscope for props. So the teacher told her she'd be one of the nurses. She was allowed to bring home the first aid kit.

(Take note: marami pa siyang pang-Ms. Universe pose. Walang nagturo sa kanya nang ganyan.)


kara said...

sobrang cute ng picture na ito! panalo ang pose pang miss u, at ang smile pwedeng pagkakitaan.

fionski said...

Kamukhang kamukha mo sya. :D