Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Of Generation Gaps and Common Interests

IE queried me for a nudge on The Stone's Manifest Destiny last night, the second night in a row. I didn't attempt to solve that particular puzzle until all the white dots on my Immediate in that batch had turned from white to gray and I had no other choice but to solve it and get more puzzles or just stop playing the game altogether. Posts at The Commons warned Stoners of how difficult the puzzle was and how equally disappointing the answer was.

Since I love giving nudges, I gave her a shove on this second night of query.

To paraphrase:

Me: Don't think of a phrase that makes sense. As they say in The Commons, the more stupid, the better. The seal will give you half of the answer. For the other half, just follow the 'Debbie Gibson' hint the other Stoners left in The Commons. Remember, it's Debbie Gibson, before she became Deborah. Now, what particular song usually comes to mind when you think of her? Let's go back to the eighties.

IE: Ahm, I don't know. I was born in 1984.

Me: Huwat? I already had a boyfriend then.

So now let me edit myself.

"Since I love giving nudges" should now be read as "I used to love giving nudges..."

IE, love ya, girl! I will try to go back to Stoning. My goal is to extinguish all those white dots.

Nudges, anyone?


Anonymous said...

you saw the look on my face -- i was so, so contrite that for a second there, i wasn't sure what to say. but in the spirit of common interests: bwehehehe!

the real stinger, though, is this -- nilagay ko na lahat ng titles ng kanta ni debbie (take note: not deborah) but to no avail. tsk tsk tsk tsk. i guess i shall move on for now to the less daunting white dots.

tinapa said...

iris, i think that's what they call karma. bwahahaha!!! i'm ready to nudge...