Saturday, January 20, 2007

I, the Self-Appointed Mother Hen

The chicks are running wild, trying to fly the coop, wanting to venture out but not quite decisive about where to go.

JT wants to try out new chicken feeds but doesn't know where to look. He keeps coming back to the same old stale palays, alternating between the red and white grains, afraid that he would go hungry if he so much as turned his beak elsewhere. Maybe that golden corn kernels he's been wishing for would be delivered soon.

AR - I'm not so sure about her. Haven't heard her cluck recently. Maybe she's learned what solitary bliss is.

KP, on the other hand, hasn't stopped crowing - from sun-up til sundown. Having been prevailed upon by the Council of Elders, KP has somehow escaped the clutches of the manipulative wolf only to be ensnared by the ill-intentioned fox. KP has managed to escape the trap set by the fox - for now. But the deadlier traps aren't those set by the fox but by KP herself. The Council hasn't set eyes on the fox yet but is aware of its presence, a presence it has vowed to keep away from KP. So far, the Council is successful.

And so life in the chicken coop is made more exciting as I, the self-appointed Mother Hen keeps watch on the chicks. Maybe they'd find happiness and fulfillment before the sky comes falling.


Anonymous said...

while i just have a germ of an idea of what you're talking about, i can't help but laugh with what you've written here! there's always something funny, scary, and strangely comforting with ambiguity. hehehe mizyah

tinapa said...

i wonder if having a self-appointed mother hen checking on you every now and then is as comforting...