Saturday, July 29, 2006

boys... boys... boys

two nights ago, i reminded alex about a boy we saw in mall of asia last month. i caught the boy staring at her. i pointed him out to alex, asking her if she thought the boy was cute. he was foreign-looking, half-half. alex scanned the crowd, pretending not to notice the boy. but i saw them staring at each other for a long time. the kunsintidora mom that i was, i was sooo kilig.

alex insisted she didn't notice the boy. but the smile on her face and the dimples on her cheecks said otherwise.

gabby was teasing her the whole time.

i asked them both: "sino ang tinitingnan ng boy sa mall?"

gabby: "ate!"

alex: "hindi ako!"

me: "sino naman ang tumitingin sa boys sa mall?"

gabby gets her elephant-pillow, covers her face. i see her peeking, smile up to her ears.

alex: "gabby!"

gabby, giggling, slowly raises her hand.

the following night, i came home late to find a diary beside gabby's bed. of course, i peeked.

at first, i couldn't determine if it was alex's or gabby's. on the inside cover were names of gabby's crushes from the tekken video game. then as i scanned the pages, i saw doodles of i (heart) then the names of the same characters. then i saw messages written for alex by her classmates. hmmm... so this is alex's diary, i thought to myself. could she have written those "i love..." stuff? maybe she and gab shared the diary. o well... while i am still able to enjoy and see the humor in all of these, i know that in about 5 years, boys will be higher than mommy on their list.

i'm still hoping though that gabby will keep what i made her promise - that she'd shun boyfriends until she reaches the age of 32.