Saturday, June 03, 2006

i'm remembering...

seeing this 60-something old man in a bookstore yesterday wearing these triangular silvery collar tips brought back memories from the 80's.

i'm remembering...

... bagets.

... kaloy cursing the kids from the squatters' area behind our school's fence for bringing to our tambayan a-super-yucky-"gift" and then months after, their houses being gutted by fire.

... paolo's messages on 1/4 sheets of pad paper.

... isaw being chased by a dog into our classroom.

... isaw tripping and the boys drawing an outline of her body on the school corridor.

... tracy going amok and chasing us with a broken softdrink bottle.

... you-know-who breaking the swan's wing in the garden between the 3rd and 4th corridors.

... one of our teachers bringing his wristwatch to his ear everytime he wanted to check the time. i still can't figure out to this day how he knew the time.

... one of our teachers getting mad at his class after he lost his "one and only rusty needle."

... the same teacher going berserk after finding out someone had stepped on his pechay plants.

... the "horror story" about how you'll never be found if you fall into the well behind the 4th corridor. turns out it was only 5-6 feet deep.

... spending a saturday inside the corps commander's office because i was too sick to do the drills for CAT.

... taking the blue metro manila buses with isaw and kaloy... and hoping j was also on it.

... trixie and mireille wearing boy's uniforms.

... haruta loafers, espadrilles, tretorns and all the other trendy footwear then.

i'm remembering sooo much more. those were memorable days - both fun and depressing, inspiring and heart-breaking, thrill-filled and scary sometimes.