Wednesday, February 08, 2006

no surfer dudes yet

still havent gotten enough sleep yet since i arrived in honolulu. my body clock is on hawaii time already but i've gotten used to sleeping past 12mn or 1am. then i wake up at 7am coz the sessions for the jefferson program usually start at 830am.

anyway, we got to tour oahu last sunday - which was super bowl sunday. very few people were out in the streets and riding the waves. plus the weather was quite windy and chilly (discounting the fact that i'm a manila girl, it WAS really windy and chilly. the lifeguard on wai manalo beach was dressed in jogging pants, a hooded jacket and rubber shoes.) only one of the fellows was brave enough to swim in the sea.

explored waikiki beach with a few of the fellows. we waited for the famous waikiki sunset and the free hula dance. the stars of the show were kids - one as young as 3 - who danced the hula very well (the 3-year old knew the steps but she was out of beat and wasnt as graceful as the others. but hey! she's 3 years old! and she was the most applauded. she's in the center of all the photos and videos i took.)

forgot to bring my camera's usb cable and my xda doesnt have a signal in this part of the world. so i guess i'll be posting photos as soon as i get back to manila. though the journalist me feels sooo privileged to have been granted this jefferson fellowship, the mommy me is soo homesick that even before i left manila, i already started a countdown to the day i return to the phils. i know my kids miss me as much.