Sunday, January 22, 2006

when aling suming calls, we come

stole this photo from jtm. this was taken during the UP CMC reunion a few days ago. it was dubbed "tawag ka ni aling suming" in reference to one of the most loyal staff members of the college. aling suming knew everyone at the college - as in everyone! she knew if you weren't able to complete the requirements in a subject, where your requested document is, if your mom was a former student of the college, maybe even who your ex-boyfriends are. it was hard not to go to the reunion especially when it was aling suming who was calling us back to the college.

had to leave before the program began coz i still had to work. stayed long enough to sample the food served at the buffet, to be interviewed over dzUP and make chika to 2 orgmates. learned about 2 days ago that my name was picked during the raffle - they decided not to give me the prize coz i had to be there. major prize e. sayang!!! i thought writing "duty ako ngayon" on the raffle stub would guarantee me a prize. yargh!

o well... hopefully, i get to stay longer at the next reunion. and hopefully, aling suming will be there.