Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas wish list

my kids' Christmas wish list:

for alex:
kiddie medical set - the third such set i've bought for her. she's in that "i want to be a doctor" phase, having outgrown her "i want to be a singer" and "i want to be a teacher" phase. she saw a kiddie medical set in shangri-la recently - it was a bigger set than the ones i already bought for her. when i came back to the store today (christmas eve), it was sold out. good thing i found a better gift for her - a kiddie medical trolley. it had all the instruments on the set she saw, plus other instruments not included there, plus a trolley to hold all of the instruments/equipment.

for gabby:
1. a "flat top" - yung computer "na nadadala", she said. oh, a laptop!

2. play microphone stand - one that has built-in music and speakers, as well as an adjustable mic stand. she saw a technicolor stand but i saw a version that's more "girl-y." with detachable star-shaped speakers. and this version, you can plug into real speakers. for max effect!!! (maybe gab will let me borrow...)

3. a pink car which she can ride and which moves without the use of pedals - bong says an electric motorcycle for kids costs about P50,000 (about $945). i think i can scracth this off the list. maybe she can do with their old barbie jeep with trailer.

times have changed... and kids with it. i remember asking my parents for simple gifts such as a new pencil case, a new schoolbag - something useful and not so expensive. i've always felt guilty about spending too much money on anything, especially on myself. now, i'm saving up for a cellphone that alex wants for her 7th birthday next year, and then maybe gabby's "flat top."